Super Saturdays Fall 2014

Dates were November 1, 8, 15, and 22, 2014.

For more information please visit here.

Course Listing:

A Canvas of Many Stories, grades 1 & 2, Rebecca Davis & Mary Eva Poole – Have you ever wanted your favorite stories to come alive? Now is your chance to make it happen. Take a journey with picture writers like Eric Carle, Dr. Seuss, and other international storytellers. We will bring these storybook characters to life and experience the art of story telling! Be prepared to learn exciting multimedia
art tools to color, paint, draw, fold, and glue to create your own favorite story characters straight from your imagination. Parents will be invited for one session to work with our little writers and artists to co-author wonderful stories side by side and to prepare for a fantastic final presentation.

Paint Around the World in 80 Shades of Color, grades 2 & 3, Tiffany Oliver & Ethan Hughes – Welcome to the fun spot to explore the excitement of painting as we travel around the world with your own magic paintbrush! Our painting journey will take us to Australia, France, India, Korea, and China, and each place we visit, Mr. and Mrs. Paintbrush will teach you new painting
techniques and styles. We will also work with several art room celebrities: Markita Marker, Camalita Crayon, Gloria Glue, Glenda Glue Stick, Skizzy the Scissors, Raul the Ruler, and more. Come join the art travelers with our excellent team leaders, Mr. and Mrs. Paintbrush!

Pirates, Princesses, and Creatures, Oh My! grades 3 & 4, Jianna Mirabelli & Jordan Hill – Art is a language of dreams and wishes. Put on your creative thinking caps and join us in making your wishes come true through fairy tale characters of your own imagination. Jump into your own magical world of fairy tale and swashbuckling adventure characters. In this interactive class, we will create favorite stories and costumes, and then be the characters by exploring 2-D and 3-D wearable art. We will even be the star of the catwalk. Get ready to leave the world behind as we embark on this magical adventure. Parents are invited to our final runway show!

Message in a Clay Treasure Box, grades 4 & 5, Brenda Barres-Uhls & Jenna Hall – What can you do with a little lump and slab of clay? Could it become a stamp, coil, or talking finger puppet? Perhaps, it could become a clay box for keeping your most valued treasure? Together we will discover basic clay hand-building techniques using our own hands and imagination. These hand-building techniques will include pinch, coil, score and slip, stamp, clay pattern, clay rhythm, clay texture, carve, and even paint on the clay surface! You will surely be impressed with the treasures discovered in this class.

Paint, Sing, and Dance Like Your Hair Is on Fire! Visual and Performing Arts Edition, grades 6, 7, & 8, Meghan Montemayor-Johnston & Hannah Allgeier – Join us as we create, paint, print, stump, sing, and collage to create an amazing art production. We will learn about the magic of color in visual art and color families represented in famous paintings, create props to put on, write a script together, and BE the color on stage! We will show how different colors can be fun, zany, and unique through their powerful personalities, especially when they unite to be The Power of One, Sun Light! This truly original piece of art and stage experience will surely be the envy of your friends and family. Parents are invited to enjoy the memorable final performance.

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