SCATS Summer 2013

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Colorful Expressions: Watercolor Techniques! – Haley Kirtley
Gain experience with watercolor and mixed media plus traditional, modern, and contemporary art forms. Experiment with watercolor techniques, such as salting, straw blowing, plastic wrap, wet on wet, masking, crayon resist, spraying and spattering, alcohol application, and glazing. Apply these techniques to various art forms including the zany 3-D art rocket we will construct and launch in front of FAC. Create your own unique masterpiece!

Creative Ceramics: Hand Building – Brandy Young & Assistant Ethan Hughes
Enjoy a “ceramic experience” by learning basic, intermediate, and advanced hand building techniques. Learn about methods from the past and present. Study several ceramic forms, work with various surface techniques, and develop your personal skills. You will make a 14 inch coil pot and other pieces. Use the most important tools you have: your hands and imagination.

Handmade Books with a Digital Twist – April Yates
Creating handmade books using digital imaging tools is exciting and fun! Learn various ways to make books using paper fold techniques, colored pencils, pastels, markers, paints, and magazine collages. Then scan the book pages and use Photoshop and other image editing software to turn them into a unique digital book.

Mixed Media Multicultural Experiences – Ashley Hurt and Chelsea McCay
Through art, we can truly see the whole world. No passport is required; just bring your imagination, and we can experience many different world cultures. We will celebrate unique cultural expressions as we travel abroad within our own art studio and in our imaginations. Your creations will include a Japanese Haiku book, a Koinobori (Carp Streamer), a Japanese block print, a milk jug African mask, a Navajo weaving, and more!

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