Art2Dream, Bob Sander, and Jennings Creek Elementary

On Thursday, September 30th the Art2Dream team, Bob Sander, and students from Jennings Creek Elementary School spent the day at The Downing Museum and Baker Arboretum. We had a storytelling and music session with Bob Sanders, which helped get the students creativity flowing and connected the arts with literacy. After the session, the Art2Dream team led an art activity. During the lesson, the students told their own stories through visual representations.

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A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

WKU Art2Dream team collaborated with Arts for All Kentucky and Cynthia Changaris, a story-teller from Louisville, KY, for a special unit at Jennings Creek Elementary School in Bowling Green, KY. The unit, titled the Drakes Tale Story, created an emphasis on friendship during the Spring 2021 semester. The students were taught that “a friend in need is a friend indeed.”

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New Understandings – Fall 2020

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Connecting, Growing, and Remembering Through Art – Art2Dream – WKU Art Education

We use art to lift spirits, connect with others (using our creativity to speak in ways that people understand irregardless of the language differences), and even to help recollect memory (i.e. Alzheimer’s disease). How will you use your creativity today?

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May You Be Well In The Heart of Your Home (Gingerbread House Making)

Art2Dream WKU Art Education, Fall 2020

Collaboration project between Art2Dream and Tunde’s Creations.

Song: Traditional Irish Blessings, sung by Jessie Allison (WKU Art Education Pre-Service Teacher, class of 2022)

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May You Be Well in the Heart of Your Home (Zentangle)

Jennings Creek Teacher Zentangle Workshop for Professional Development in Fall 2020

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New Understanding’s Zooming for Art

Arts for All Kentucky and the WKU Art2Dream Art Education students collaborated to create a unique, fun experience with a new signature art program, New Understanding! WKU art education program has been working with Arts for All Kentucky since 2010; the programs that have been implemented through the years have provided various creative experiences for children and adults with disabilities. During Fall 2020, Art2Dream and Arts for All Kentucky programs teamed up with KAP (Kelly Autism Program) to provide art instructions through online zoom delivery; check it out!

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Alvaton Elementary

WKU Art Education students helping out at Alvaton Elementary. They were tasked with small groups of students in Mrs. O’nan’s class, and created a “Meandering Book” that went along with the book that the class was currently reading, “The Front Desk” by Kelly Yang.

Fall of 2019

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The String Project

For more information about the project, visit
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