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                              VAMPY: Topical Study of Art and Art History                          Topic: Space, Self, and Others

                              Instructors: Professor Miwon Choe, Professor Mike Nichols                           Teaching Assistants: Catron Burdette, Gloria Carrico

The Verbally And Mathematically Precocious Youth (VAMPY) class focused on two particular time periods and themes in art history: Renaissance and Humanity, and Iconography and Culture.  Through comparative and cross-cultural studies of different historical viewpoints, the class addressed: 1) What motivates us to create secular/religious spaces around us; 2) How we identify the physical/functional/vernacular spaces with humanity (religious or secular); and 3) How we adapt and influence each other for our own survival and development.

The VAMPY students explored various studio processes such as mask making for a dramatic role play, Gothic rose window recreation, anatomy and figure drawing, authentic Renaissance fresco technique, Islamic art form of Arabesque, and Mandala and million beads project, tapestry fabric art as they relate to specific themes and social context in art history.

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