• Secret Identity: Releasing Your Inner Superhero!

    Grades 1 & 2, Instructor: Ashley Hurt

    Up, up, and away! Being a superhero is fun and exciting, especially in the world of super imaginative YOU! Come and join us on this quest to create your very own SUPERHERO! With us, you will learn about famous super heroes and heroines of the past and now, and find your own super hero, inside out and outside in. By drawing ideas from comic book super heroes and the many heroes around us, we will design and create our very own superhero costumes and stories to present to parents and family!

  • Mixed Media Recycled Books

    Grades 5 & 6, Instructor: April Yates

    How can you create your own book using multiple mini artworks? How does crayon react with watercolor paint? How does watercolor paint react with salt and baby wipes? We’ll explore various media and their reaction to each other as they are mixed together to create one-of-a-kind artworks that you will then combine to create your own book. Join us as we explore these media, and discover the endless possibilities that you can create.