Super Saturdays Winter 2015

February 7, 14, 21, and 28, 2015, 12:00pm to 2:30pm

For information visit WKU’s Center for Gifted Studies here.

Winter 2015 Course Listing:

  • Pop Art… Surreally! grades 1 & 2, Brenda Barnes-Uhls – Can you see yourself in 100 shapes and color like Andy Warhol did in his Campbell Soup painting?  Would you like to join Alice in Wonderland for a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party?  Could our surreal art of friendship melt snow queen Elsa’s castle and her heart?  In this class, we will explore whimsical and lively styles of Pop and Surreal Art using a variety of creative, one-of-a-kind, and traditional art tools. So, pop on over to this class for loads of fun… after all, it is all about magic and dreams to be a surreal artist.  Parents will be invited to a fantastic pop art and surreal final presentation!
  • Summer Camp Art Adventure, grades 2 & 3, Jordan Hill  – You do not have to wait until summer for a memorable summer camp experience. In this outdoorsy class, we will first build our own camp art tent and create exciting art projects, including sun prints, nature dream catcher, bark painting, found object mobile, paper plate fan, pet rock painting, and more! We will draw, print, cut, fold, weave, tie, twist, and paint various nature inspired materials to create one-of-a-kind camp art. Of course, we wouldn’t forget the campfire songs and games, right? So, jump into this early summer camp painting party with us!
  • Magic Paper Ride, grades 3 & 4, Rebecca Davis  – When is a piece of paper more than a piece of paper?  The magic paper ride begins when you sculpt, paint, tear, cut, weave, and fold paper into beautiful art!  In this class, we’ll travel through time and space as we visit ancient China, Japan, Mexico, Russia and Africa and meet fantastic artists from these cultures worldwide.  You will learn how amazing paper can be and what paper can do for your artistic creation.  So climb on board and let your imagination soar!
  • Ready, Set, and Paint, grades 3 & 4, Jianna Mirabelli – Get up on your feet and step out from behind that easel. This class is your fun spot to explore the basics of color mixing and creative multi-media painting skills. But wait! The creative painting goes beyond using just paintbrushes and canvas. We want to discover innovative 21st century painting techniques such as painting with movement, drip and splash, hand painting, paper quill painting, dot painting, and yarn painting! Together, we will learn to create small paintings for small hands and large pieces of paintings for ambitious young artists. So, get ready to move and paint as never before!
  • Playful Print Shop, grades 4 & 5, Tiffany Oliver  – Welcome to the playful print shop! Did you know that one of the BEST ways to spread great ideas is by making prints? Printmaking is a unique art process where you can create multiple copies of your artwork, but they are all original. In this class, we will draw inspiration from all around us to explore relief printing, Gelli plate printing, found object printing, hand printing, fish printing, string printing, vegetable printing, and fabric printing on T-shirts you can wear! So, get ready to loosen up and lighten up in our playful print shop. You will be sure to discover inner and outer printmaking expressions of your own original work!
  • Art of Dancing Paintbrushes, grades 6, 7, & 8, Mary Ava Poole – What would happen if paintbrushes could leave amazing marks of rhythm, happy feet, and movement on your canvas? Could our imagination follow the sound of music to visually compose mambo, salsa, two-step, and even blues? How about dancing the painter’s way to New Orleans, Caribbean Islands, and Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky? In this class, we will learn how visual arts and musical rhythm inspire each other to enhance creative expression of the arts. So, let us happy feet our way for musical paint marks and patterns as we travel to meet various artists and musicians on the road. Parents are invited to enjoy the memorable final performance.


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