Program of Study

Message from Faculty

The art education program at Western Kentucky University is designed to equip the pre-service art teacher with a wide range of theoretical as well as practical experiences for careers in teaching art at the primary, middle, and secondary levels.

The BA Visual Studies, Art Education Concentration, consists of 44/45 hours of general education, 66 semester hours of studio, art history, and art education methods classes, and 22 hours of professional education courses. Upon completion of the WKU art education program, the student is eligible for initial Kentucky Teaching Certification,    P-12 Visual Art.  Go to for more information on professional education requirements.  The total semester hours for BA Visual Studies, Art Education Concentration leading to P-12 certification equals 132/133.

Program of Study Checklist for B.A. in Art Education (509)

Introductory Courses
___ Art 130 2-D Design 3.0 Credit Hours
___ Art 131 3-D Design 3.0 Credit Hours
___ Art 140 Drawing 3.0 Credit Hours

Drawing Requirements
___ Art 240 Drawing 3.0 Credit Hours
___ Art 340 Drawing 3.0 Credit Hours

Basic Studio Requirements
Choose any (6) of the following basic studios:
___Art 220 Ceramics 3.0 Credit Hours
___Art 231 Graphic Design 3.0 Credit Hours
___Art 243 Digital Media 3. 0 Credit Hours
___Art 250 Printmaking 3.0 Credit Hours
___Art 260 Painting 3.0 Credit Hours
___Art 270 Sculpture 3.0 Credit Hours
___Art 280 Weaving 3.0 Credit Hours

Major Requirements
___Art 311 Introduction to Art Education 3.0 Credit Hours
___Art 411 Foundations of Art Education and Methods II 3.0 Credit Hours
___Art 413 Foundations of Art Education and Methods III 3.0 Credit Hours
___Art 490 Special Problems in Art 3.0 Credit Hours
Prerequisite: Art 411 with a minimum of “C” or higher

Advanced Studio Electives
Choose (3) advanced (300-level or above) studios, meeting prerequisites.
___ 3.0 Credit Hours
___ 3.0 Credit Hours
___ 3.0 Credit Hours

Art History
___ Art 105 Art Survey I 3.0 Credit Hours
___ Art 106 Art Survey II 3.0 Credit Hours
___ Art 325 Asian, American, and African Art

Art History Elective
___ 3.0 Credit Hours

Sub-Total Credits for B.A. in Art Education 66 Credit Hours
Comprehensive Teacher Certification (P-12)
___ EDU 250 Introduction to Education 3.0 Credit Hours
___ PSY 310 Educational Psychology 3.0 Credit Hours
___ SPED 330 Intro Exceptional Ed Div In Lrng. 3.0 Credit Hours
___ EDU 489 Student Teaching Seminar 3.0 Credit Hours
___ ELED 490 (5.0 Credit Hours) and SEC 490 (5.0 Credit Hours)                                         Student Teaching 10.0 Credit Hours

Total Credits for B.A. in Art Education 88 Credit Hours
In addition to 88 hours of major courses, all WKU students are required to complete 45 hours of the following general education courses:

___ENG 100                                    3 hrs
___ENG 200                                    3 hrs
___ENG 300                                    3 hrs
___COMM 145                                 3 hrs
___HIS 119/120                               3 hrs
___PSY 100                                      3 hrs
___PH 100                                        3 hrs
___Foreign Lang (200 level)        3 hrs
___Humanities                                6 hrs
___Social Science                            3 hrs
___Mathematics                              3 hrs
___Natural Science                         6 hrs
___World Cultures                          3 hrs
Total Gen Ed Hours               45 hrs

Certification only program applies to students who wish to pursue P-12 Visual Art Certification after the initial Bachelor’s degree in visual art at Western or other universities.  General education courses are exempt for certification only students.

For additional information, please contact

Dr. Miwon Choe, Associate Professor
Art Education, Department of Art
FAC 439, 270-745-7052
1906 College Heights Blvd.
Bowling Green, KY 42101